Our Mission

USMCA's mission is to provide unique professional, educational, technical and consulting services to both membership and the community at large.  We endeavor to provide the best consulting services possible in the construction, environmental, building maintenance, architectural engineering design, and hospitality/entrepreneurial training.  We serve as an assist and advocacy agency for minority business owners, contractors and subcontractors in the community.

Programs We Are Offering:

  • City of Chicago Mentoring Program - Assisting minority contractors in achieving MBE/DBE/WBE status
  • DCEO Entrepreneurial Job Readiness Program via Entrepreneurship Training Institute of USMCA - Assisting 20 small businesses in business startup, growth and technical assistance
  • Advanced business development training with long-term coaching and mentoring assistance-Getting Certified and expanding MBE Certifications
  • Procurement assistance opportunities for contractors
  • Placement services for unemployed/under-employed minority residents - career resume development
  • New Corporate Sponsorships development to assistance membership services