Real Estate Investment/Entrepreneurship Division

Our mission is to pursue real estate investment opportunities ,  development and management real estate projects responsibly and with integrity for the benefit of our investors, partners, and the community while educating entrepreneurs on the importance of collaboration through joint-ventures and business development with municipalities and community based businesses.

Our Mission

  • Pursue real estate investment opportunities
  • Develop and manage real estate projects responsibly and with integrity for the benefit of our investors, partners, and the community
  • Share the importance of collaboration through joint ventures and business development with municipalities and community-based businesses
Our Focus 

  • Site Selection, corporate or individual (Retail, industrial, office, or development)
  • Transaction and Investment Analysis
  • Professionalism and Confidentiality (Exclusive representation of client through completion of transaction)
  • Networking affiliations with local, state, national, and international contacts to best serve client base

Our Vision

  • Invest in undervalued communities
  • Encourage homeownership and business stewardship in redeveloping communities  
  • Provide contractors, entrepreneurs, and business owners data impact of real estate redevelopment and investing for their long-term goals.

Our Values

  • TEAM - Working towards common goals while maintaining open, constructive communication.
  • COMMUNITY - Be an involved entity of citizens, doing our part to make our community a better place for generations to come.
  • PROFIT - Creating a successful platform that provides superior financial returns to our investors and partners.

USMCA - Real Estate Investment / Entrepreneurship Division - Carl McDonald

Carl McDonald


Carl McDonald is president of the MackCel Group, Inc. a City of Chicago MBE firm that specializing in Construction Management, General Contractor, Water & Storm Basin Inspection, and Consultant.

Carl McDonald has over 40 years construction experience since receiving his BS degree in Construction Management from Bradley University. He has worked in the construction industry as a superintendent, project manager and senior project manager. Carl McDonald has supervised the rehabilitation of some of Chicago Historic Landmarks such as the Chicago Water Tower, Chicago’s Navy Pier, the Merchandise Mart and the renovation of the DuSable Museum of African American History Roundhouse Building.

Carl McDonald has served as senior coordinator of the design/build of shopping centers, strip malls, speculative buildings and office parks developments in the Chicago land area.

Additionally, he is co-founder and manager of Little Big House Properties, LLC, which specializes in developing of single family, multi-family and commercial properties in Illinois and NW Indiana.   

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USMCA - Real Estate Investment / Entrepreneurship Division - Victoria Young-Wilson

Victoria Young-Wilson

Vice President

Victoria Young is the founder and CEO of Naturally Urban Environmental Incorporated. A sustainable construction company focused on creating sustainable clean urban planning, sustainable building development, and eco-friendly community development in the United States, with a comprehensive plan to reach beyond the borders of America. 

Born in the South Side Chicago area, Victoria grew up with a sense of obligation towards making a remarkable impact on environmental improvement for her community and the rest of the United States. This prompted her decision to study Environmental Science gaining her Bachelors of Science degree from Lincoln University, Missouri. 

After her Bachelor’s Degree, Victoria went on to gain her Masters of Science Degree in Environmental Science at Drexel University in Philadelphia.

While in Philadelphia, Victoria contributed to the recruitment of 75 minority scholars pursuing higher education and mentored youth in the areas of S.T.E.AM. (science, technology, engineering, arts, math)

Over her academic career, Victoria's research included the Phytoremediation for EPA SUPERFUND sites, wastewater remediation with the Los Alamos National Laboratory of New Mexico, and a host of other environmental quality subject matters. Throughout her career, Victoria has traveled nationally and internationally focusing on researching sustainable innovative practices.

In 2011, Naturally Urban Environmental incorporated was conceived and became legally established in 2019, as sustainable development and environmental consulting firm. The goal behind NUE, Inc. is to Renew, Revitalize and Reshape urban communities through advocacy, workforce development, awareness, training, certifications, and energy efficiency for real estate renovations and development. 

This is because she believes that sustainable construction paired with environmental science will be the key to innovative real estate development that will result in greener changes to underserved communities, the homeless populations and provide affordable sustainable development. Victoria is nationally recognized by her brand name the 'Queen of Green', as a global speaker, eco-friendly brand ambassador, and urban sustainability expert.

Through Naturally Urban Environmental Inc. Victoria is currently serving as a general contractor for the Sisters In Cinema Theater construction; A project dedicated to centering and celebrating black girls, women, and gender non-conforming media makers by providing programs to the community and industry professionals that are designed to educate, raise visibility, support, and serve our communities.

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, Victoria optimized the products and services provided by Naturally Urban Environmental Inc. to include bulk distribution of Personal Protective Equipments to help mitigate the spread and effects of the pandemic.

By partnering with the National Institutes of Health and Environmental Health Sciences, and Opportunity Advancement Innovations, Victoria provided training and certification workshops for businesses and workers going back to work in the middle of the covid-19 pandemic.

Victoria is also working on several helpful community service initiatives through Naturally Urban Environmental Community Works, which is an arm of the parent company. These initiatives include campaigns like the Chicago Tent Drive which in partnership with Forever Hopes Agency is aimed at providing tents and other winter supplies for homeless persons around Chicago and other communities to provide basic protection from the cold and elements.

Also embarking on environmental advocacy and workforce training for minority communities to increase environmental awareness and inculcate life bettering skills for young people in these minority communities. 

Victoria is also a member of the Cook County Environmental and Sustainability Committee which is instituted to work on the Cook County Industrial Compost policy and ordinance. 

Victoria B. Young considers herself to be the new renaissance woman who isn’t afraid to get dirty during construction renovations or present the business to potential investors for a sustainable future. Holding tight to her faith and supported by loved ones, Victoria believes that if you can envision, plan and execute it, your goals, however big or small can be obtained by faith and action.

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USMCA - Real Estate Investment / Entrepreneurship Division - Renee McDonald

Renee McDonald


Renee McDonald is co-founder and manager of Little Big House Properties, LLC which specializes in developing single family, multi-family and commercial properties in Illinois and Northwest Indiana.

Renee retired from the American Bar Association after 45 years working as Meeting Manager for the association’s two (2) largest conventions.  At ABA, Renee acted as liaison between hotels/convention centers and ABA entities and Affiliates including Law Schools and State and Local Bar Associations.

Renee was part of the advance team to visit each city, tour each 4-5-Star hotel and/or convention center in order to determine how to assign the appropriate meeting room to a particular event.  Cities included Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Honolulu, London, Miami, New York City, San Francisco and Seattle.

Each convention involved 125-325 meeting rooms in 8-16 hotels with 800-1,200 individual events over 7 days. Renee also negotiated audio visual and catering costs, reviewed and paid invoices totaling over $1.5M.  

USMCA - Real Estate Investment / Entrepreneurship Division - Teresa Hollingbird-Jackson

Teresa Hollingbird-Jackson


Teresa Hollingbird-Jackson is the President/CEO of Aseret Development Series LLC, Aseret Development Carpentry Services LLC, a construction and interior design company specializing in remodeling and renovating residential and commercial projects. She is also the founder of FYE HIGH VIBEZ, a cannabis and apparel company that will be coming out in Fall 2021.

Teresa was born and raised in Inverness and Indianola, MS. She is a 1985 graduate of Gentry High School located in Indianola; MS. Teresa spent most of summer in the cotton fields earning $15 a day to help relieve some of the burden of her single mother.

Teresa is a creative, experienced, passionate entrepreneur who likes nothing better than to start new businesses and make them profitable. She is continuously seeking, new business opportunities, especially in the ecommerce/cannabis marketplace.

Teresa’s favorite part of being an entrepreneur is working less, because it allows her to spend time with her family.

Despite her busy business career Teresa makes time to be involved with community and professional organizations. She is a member of the US Minority Contractors Association and the Westchester Chamber of Commerce and serves as the USMCA National Board Assistant Secretary, USMCA REID Group Treasurer, Chairperson of the USMCA Westtown Chapter in IL, and the USMCA Atlanta, GA Chapter. She has also volunteered for the Nursery Ministry at Broadview Missionary Baptist Church in Broadview, IL 

USMCA - Real Estate Investment / Entrepreneurship Division - Rev. Larry S. Bullock, MPA/MDiv

Rev. Larry S. Bullock, MPA/MDiv

Chairman of the Board

Rev. Larry S. Bullock, MPA\MDiv, [‘73], Former President, Roosevelt University Alumni Association [RUAA], Former Member of the Roosevelt University Board of Trustees; Senior Pastor, Living Faith Cathedral Worship [LFCWC Church], and Owner and President, April Cobra Enterprises, Inc. [Construction Management, General Contracting, and Real Estate Development firm], Barrington, Illinois. Founder\President, U. S. Minority Contractors Associatio [USMCA].