The United States Minority Contractors Association (USMCA) has launched a new Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (“STEM”) Educational Foundation curriculum for under-represented minority students currently attending Chicagoland schools. The STEM program will inspire students to ask questions, identify challenges, probe new techniques and create solutions in these disciplines. Access to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education by these students is sorely needed throughout the United States. The USMCA STEM program will help advance access by students in targeted communities to courses by utilizing professionals within the USMCA to offer educational and training opportunities that will guide local youths towards pursuing advanced degrees and careers in Science, Technology, and Engineering, and Mathematics fields.

Board of Directors:
Rev. Larry S. Bullock, Chairman/COO
Mr. Bernie Held, Secretary
Ms. Teresa Hollingbird-Jackson, Finance Chairman

Mr. Michael Houston
Dr. Sanjeev Bandi, PhD
Mr. Ramesh Basa
Dr. Gale Frazier
Atty. Robert Block
Mr. Elmer Rhodes
Ms. Regina Rahman
Mr. Kenneth M. Webb, Sr. 
Mr. Wes Doreing 
Dr. Sanjeev Bandi
Mr. Chetan Kale
Mr. Chris Onwuzurike
Dr. Johnny Mullins
Dr. Charner Rodgers
Dr. Catherine O'Connor
Dr. Regina Berry
Mr. Brent Mounts
Mr. Ryan Poettker
Ms. Vivian McGrew

Small_phonecall-email_m-300x250 Interested in joining the STEM Educational Foundation Advisory Board?

Please contact us at 847-352-5010 or

Please click on the link below to download the Scholarship Application.

Once completed, please send to
11/16/2023 - 32nd Annual Millennium Builders & Scholarship Awards Ceremony

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