Member Benefits

Why work with the USMCA?

For Private Businesses

  • We foster exchange of information between both majority and minority business enterprises globally.
  • We enhance the development of emerging entrepreneurs in all market sectors by providing specialty consulting services.
  • We provide diversity training and technique services for private and public sector decision makers and opportunities for businesses to receive the most recent government contract decisions and regulations.
  • We provide assistance in the drafting and implementation of diversity policies and procedures.

For Contractors

  • We identify procurement opportunities for XBE contractors/professional service providers.
  • We provide access to architectural drawings/specifications for public and private projects, while also affording educational, technical and consultative assistance to the membership.
  • Insurance, bonding, bidding/estimating, financing, and contract administration are just a few of the membership services available.
  • We identify bidding and contracting opportunities for non-minority and minority firms and encourage the sharing of best business practices among the membership.

For Municipality or Government Entities

  • We encourage and support the development of manpower-employee training – apprentice programs, as well as notifying members of existing employment opportunities for minority and female suburban residents.
  • We sponsor niche venues and platforms, that enhance the business development of MBEs/WBEs relative to governmental procurement.
  • We assist entities with the preparation of MBE/WBE certification documents by various agencies.
  • We provide governmental entities access to a much needed MBE/WBE/BEP database for both research and contacting minority owned businesses concerning public works projects.
  • We provide strategic consulting services and technical assistance in both the bid document preparation and contract administration phases.

A Few More Key Benefits

  • Expertise and Experience. The association was created almost 30 years ago by Illinois  based entrepreneurs who desired to share their collective expertise, resources and business networks with each other.
  • Growth and Dedication. Through 30 years the association has grown four-fold and seeks to enhance the global position of its members through information technology, accessing capital and marketing each member’s niche expertise.
  • Bid and Plan Room. An automated software that allows members to retrieve bid documents, plans and specifications, in our designated bid plan room electronically and on site. Individuals are eligible to receive two free hours of bid estimating advice and assistance utilizing cutting edge software and techniques. Service available to members only.