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PlanWell Enterprise combines the services of your reprographer with a powerful Web application that accomplishes four primary tasks:
  • Manages and tracks your project plans and specs - find any plan at the click of mouse (and never lose one again!) 
  • Manages and tracks the users of your project plans and specs - know who got what and when 
  • Allows users to order prints and arrange their delivery - the reprographer does the printing and distribution 
  • Compiles a historical record and archives your plans and specs as documents are added to the Planroom - close the job and the archive is finished (no "after-the-fact" archive compilation) 
Simply provide your reprographer with project plans and specs (electronically or in paper form), indicate how you would like them organized - by discipline, CSI code, historical issue, etc. - and who should have access to them. The content provider typically pays a small document management fee for the use of the system, but other users of the system simply pay for their normal reprographic services, nothing more.

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